Citrus Next to Me


This is the first time I’ve been in Sicily in February, and I must say, it is a treat because it’s citrus season! The weather has been spring-like (which isn’t normal for January my cousin, Experience Sicily’s Filippo Buttitta, told me today). Sicily is a semi-tropical climate, and here in Palermo, the northern part of the region, it’s been in the low 60s F/teens C during the days and in the low 40s F/high single digits C at night–warmer than New York, but not Florida!

Regardless, these temperatures apparently makes for some amazing citrus, because I am overdosing on oranges and clementines/mandarins. I can’t get enough of them! They are sweet and the juice runs down my arm when I’m eating them. These oranges and lemons, photographed, are ripe right now in my cousin Tanina’s garden. I ate some after our Sunday lunch today… a gregarious event that had a dozen cousins present. What fun!

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  1. Having been raised in Florida, I know citrus (& love it) well. It’s that cool weather in Sicily now making the citrus so sweet. Yum! Love your description of the juice running down your arm! So happy you’re in Heart Place in Jan-Feb! Escape New York 🙂

    1. Thank you Dana!

  2. Claire walsh says:

    Just can’t imagine how wonderful it would be to have oranges growing in my garden. I am glad that you are enjoying that scrumptious fruit and having a loving experience with your extended family in Sicily. 🍊🍊🍊

    1. It’s truly special Claire! Now, back to work on searching for the best for our clients!

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