For Us and the Birds


Today was a productive day filled with visits to museums and hotels. Checking out all the spots for Experience Sicily clients! My cousin Giulia was a fantastic Palermitana guide and my cousins Anna and Franca treated me to dinner at a very popular tratorria packed with locals.

When I had a few minutes on my own earlier in the evening, I took in one of Palermo’s best views: Piazza San Domenico from the roof bar of La Rinascente department store on Via Roma. At the piazza’s center is a column featuring the Immaculate (Madonna). Spectacular to have a bird’s eye view!

4 thoughts on “For Us and the Birds

  1. Next time I want to be on that trip! Sounds like each day and night are a new adventure. Your clients will clearly benefit from your explorations off the beaten track ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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  2. Wow, just wow, Allison. What a stunning view, especially with the statue of the Madonna at the top of the column. The gold color of the buildings dominates the picture and makes it look like something out of a dream. It is a golden moment. (BTW, I haven’t been responding to your posts lately because I was getting ready to go to Cleveland Clinic and then going through all their evaluations over the past week. Last day today! And I took time out this morning to catch up a little.) I have missed you, my golden bird. ❤

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    • Well, I felt your energy because I lit a candle for you today and prayed to Santa Rosalia under her statue asking to help cure your “plague.” Citizens of Palermo prayed to her in 1624 to cure them of an awful plague, and it worked, so why not you!? You are here with me. Sending you best wishes for your last day in Cleveland!

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