Viva Santa Lucia!


Viva Santa Lucia! Today is the Feast of Santa Lucia. Devotees wearing green caps process her priceless silver statue and sacred relics through the streets of Oritgia, Sicily. Throughout the march, faithful sing a call-and-response in reverence to their patroness: Viva Santa Lucia!

—Starting at 3 p.m. Today, Sunday!—

Join us on Sunday, December 13 in New York City! Experience Sicily is partnering with Eolo Seasonal Sicilian Kitchen for a special afternoon feast celebrating Santa Lucia. We’ll enjoy traditional dishes (cuccia and arancine), live music (by Villa Palagonia), and a lecture-discussion about the feast (led by Allison Scola).

Gelsomino Imports will be on hand with artisanal products from Sicily, so you can also get some Christmas shopping in!

Price is $75/person for unlimited food and wine, tax and gratuity.

Please contact Eolo to reserve your place. Call: 646-225-6606

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  1. Beautiful photo that perfectly illustrates your post. I saw a news article last night noting the Festival of Our Lady in Guadalupe in Mexico. There was a parade and partying in the streets. I suppose Ms. Guadalupe is related to Santa Lucia!

    Have a wonderful performance and a great time at your celebration today, Allison. <3

    1. Our Lady of Guadalupe (whose icon I have sitting here in my office alongside Santa Lucia, the Black Madonna of Tindari, Santa Rosalia, the Madonna of Milica, Sant’Agata, Buddha, and St. Francis of Assisi (and others)), has her own legend. She is a Madonna (Mary) figure (versus a saint/virgin martyr). I’m not sure why December 12 is her feast day, but it may also be related to the short, dark days we have in the Northern Hemisphere–since she presented herself to her human messenger surrounded by light. Her legend is a beautiful one!

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