The Symbols of Santa Lucia


A dagger, eyes on a plate, flames or a torch, and a palm are the symbols of Santa Lucia. A dagger to symbolize how the Roman soldiers finally killed the virgin martyr. Eyes on a plate to remind us that the beautiful maiden’s eyes were either gouged out by the Roman soldiers or she did it herself to avoid marrying a pagan–but then… when her body was being prepared for burial, loved ones found that her eyes had been restored! Flames or a torch to remind us that she went deep into the dark Catacombs of Siracusa during early Christian times in order to feed the poor and hungry. And a palm to illustrate her victory over evil. More about her triumph over evil in an upcoming post.

Join us in New York City this Sunday, December 13 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. for a special Feast of Santa Lucia event. $75 /person includes unlimited food and Feudo Montoni wine from Eolo Seasonal Sicilian Kitchen, a concert by duo Villa Palagonia, a presentation about the cult of Santa Lucia by Experience Sicily, and gift baskets for sale by Gelsomino Imports.  Call Eolo Seasonal Sicilian Kitchen today at 646-225-6606 to reserve your spot.

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  1. Rather grisly story about Mary! But it turned out well – sort of. I will be with you in spirit on Sunday. Have a wonderful time at the Feast of Santa Lucia – I look forward to the day I can watch Villa Palagonia perform in person! <3

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