Super Star


Etna, the volcano, on a clear morning in October.

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  1. Smokin’! I think you love mountains, Allison. True?

    1. It’s funny you ask, because Italians love to ask the question: Do you love the sea or the mountains? Which do you prefer? Actually, I’m a sea person! However, when I see this volcano fuming against the clear blue sky, it’s so magnificent and hard to resist!

  2. So in Sicily (and many parts of Italy) you have sea and mountains. I loved that about Hawaii, too, and especially the Big Island because it’s always smokin’ too on Mauna Kea with Pele policing the place (she’s the spirit of the volcano).

    1. Yes, throughout Italy and Sicily, lots of mountains and lots of sea! Someday, I’ll get to Hawaii… *Sigh*

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