A Glimpse of Oratorio Santa Cita


The Oratorio di SS. Rosario in Santa Cita was built in the 1600s. Oratories were meeting halls of confraternities or religious societies. In Palermo, there are a number of oratories that were built in the Baroque era. The Oratorio di SS. Rosario in Santa Cita was decorated with the magnificent stucco-work of Giacomo Serpotta (1656-1732). This photo barely captures the virtuosity of Serpotta’s work. It’s meant only to give you an introduction.

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  1. Oh my goodness, if this is just an introduction, it’s hard to imagine more. The artwork is incredible. I immediately thought of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling, because to me this stucco work shows that much artistry and craft. Beautiful!

    1. You are right about the Sistine Chapel comparison. It has a similar feel except that instead of frescos, it is stucco statues. It’s really outstanding!

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