Evelina’s Pomegranates


It’s pomegranate season! Experience Sicily’s Evelina Buttitta, who took this photo, was so excited to share with us the bounty of the tree that she and her husband have cultivated in their garden. Pomegranates (melograni in Italian) are packed with juicy, ruby-red seeds, and for this reason, they have been a symbol of fertility for centuries. In ancient Greek times, guests would shower a newly engaged couple with pomegranate seeds wishing them many blessings as they set off to start a family (Once the couple expected a child, they would then get married.).

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  1. Please tell Evelina what a lovely photo this is! I love pomegranates! A lot of Persian recipes include pomegranates, too.

    1. I will tell Evelina! The seeds are a wonderful addition to so many recipes. I have a whole case that a client just gave me, and they are wonderful in so many things! A real treat!

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