Enchanting Sicily, Day 11: Passeggiata Palermitana


LIVE from Sicily! | Today we spent the day in Palermo. First stop, my cousin Silvana’s home where we talked with her husband Maurizio and his colleague Geri who are magistrates in Palermo. We learned about organized crime and the work that they do to combat this very real and very disturbing fact about Sicily and southern Italy. After lunch at Piazza Marina, we walked through Kalsa, eventually making our way here, to Via Maqueda where we joined the flow of Palermitani out for their Sunday passeggiata. | Enchanting Sicily tour, Day 11.

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  1. claire walsh says:

    Thank you so much for the sensational reporting of your current tour. What an exceptional opportunity for those who want more than sightseeing on their tour. Your itinerary provides an extraordinary integration of the many aspects of Sicilian life. Bravo!

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  2. I love this street and I think it’s because it looks out of time and timeless. The people provide a lot of the color. The buildings reach higher than I expected. I could just feel myself there. Nice!

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    1. Palermo is calling you Dana!

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