99 is Better than 30


It’s a big day today for Rosanero, Palermo’s Series A soccer club. They are (right now!) playing Cagliari (from Sardegna). Forward Andrea Belotti is one of the team’s most popular players. It’s important to know though, that after the advice from friends, he recently changed his number from 30 to 99–so this jersey might become a collector’s item or, if they keep winning, maybe not!

Forza Palermo!

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  1. Love the pink and blue colors of the team! So he must think 99 is luckier than 30. Soccer players are a breed unto themselves! I ran into a lot of soccer players in Buenos Aires – famous ones. Crazy, all of them. 🙂

    1. … not to mention the fans! Truly fanatical!

      1. No kidding! I was warned never to go to a soccer game at La Boca (their stadium) because the fans are so crazed!

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