Sicily’s Beautiful Souls


As I think about designing trips to Sicily for clients and guests of Experience Sicily tours, I constantly remind myself that what makes Sicily so special for me is the people. It’s that joy of interaction that I aim to give to my clients. Amidst all of the breathtaking sites, delectable food, and profound culture and history, truth be told, the generosity and vibrancy of Sicilians trumps all. My cousins Franco and Mimmo, pictured, are some of my favorite people in the entire world. They are just two of so many beloved Sicilians I’ve had the privilege to get to know. I’ll never forget the night in 1996 when I first arrived at Palermo train station, backpack in hand, and they came to meet me. In that instant, my life changed forever: A whole world of beautiful souls was introduced to me, and I am so grateful for it.

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    I just love this photo!!! These are two very warm and elegant Sicilian gentlemen!!! It was a pleasure to spend time with them during my recent visit.

  2. This is reason enough to go to Sicily. How really lovely these two men are – and your cousins! <3

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