Orange You Glad


This weekend in Scillato (Province of Palermo), a medieval village at the foot of the Madonie Mountains, they are celebrating the Sagra dell’Arancia or Orange Festival. It’s the end of *their* orange season–their’s because their altitude makes their citrus season fall later than their neighbors’ down in the “Conca d’oro” of Palermo. The village’s altitude also makes for a unique varietal of navel orange that they consider to be blond, called “il biondo di Scillato,” as well as another one that is blood-red, called “l’arancia ‘Sanguinello.'” Sunday is the most active day of the festival featuring cuisine (of course made with oranges!) and music. So, to celebrate, think of risotto with orange or tagliatelle with orange zest sauce, and of course, orange granita (sweet ice) and sweet orange cakes. This photo is from my drive up to the Madonie Mountains, so not exactly in Scillato, but on the way!

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  1. So cool! There are so many food festivals in Sicily you could never run out of reasons to eat! I love it. <3

    1. Yes, Dana, you can eat your way through Sicily. Today is another one. Stand by for post soon!

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