Coral Salt Earrings


Jewelry-designer Daniela Neri created these unique earrings that recall Sicilian ceramics with tarantella dancers. Daniela is a native of Trapani, and she takes the salt from the local salt flats and makes “coral” out of it–in other words, the beads that you see are not made of semi-precious stones, shells, coral, or glass, but of salt! She calls it “Coralli di Sale,” or Coral Salt, and its a combination of salt and resin that Daniela forms by hand into beads. She then combines the beads with other pieces to create unique jewelry. And so, here are one of my new prized possessions purchased in the windmill at Mozia.

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  1. Want! I’d wear them every day. <3

    1. They are really fun! Especially because the folks are dancing! 🙂

      1. That’s what I liked too – and the tarantella!

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