Sicily’s Chocolate of Modica


Chocolate lovers, Sicily has not forgotten you! You may know that chocolate came from the Aztecs, a great civilization that dominated what is modern-day Mexico for centuries before the end of 15th century. When the Spanish colonized Latin America, they brought the cocoa bean and an ancient form of chocolate (called Xocoatl) back to Europe. Sicily at the time was under Spanish rule, and Modica’s creative cooks put the Aztec chocolate together with their native sugar (brought and cultivated heavily by the Arabs, centuries before), and, “ecco!” we have Modica chocolate. I wish you could smell the scent of this. It is spectacular. Now, if you’ll excuse me… (This one pictured was created by Siciliatentazioni. Imported to the U.S. by Gelsomino Imports.)

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  1. I’ve never seen chocolate that rich!

    1. It’s a brick of heaven!

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