Celebrating Ricotta? Count me in!


October in Sicily is packed with feasts and festivals celebrating local gastronomy. This weekend in Paternò on the southern slopes of Mount Etna, they are celebrating the 2nd annual Festival of Ricotta and Mostarda. Ricotta, pictured here, is a fresh cheese made with either sheep’s milk (most common in Sicily), cow’s milk, or goat’s milk. Sicilians use it in both savory and sweet products. Mostarda are fruits that have been candied in mustard-flavored syrup and used like a relish to flavor meats. The Festival’s activities not only include tastings of ricotta and mostarda and other local, typical products such as wine and salumi, but also music and theater performances inspired by local folk traditions.

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  1. Oh, I want some mostarda – that sounds really tasty! It all sounds good, talk about Sicilian food. Yum!!!

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