Our Lady


On September 15, the town of Terme Vigliatore in Messina province celebrates their patron saint Maria delle Grazie (Our Lady of Grace) with a solemn procession and feast. Maria, or Mary, has many different titles, but they all apply to the mother of Jesus. So, Maria delle Grazie or Mary of the Graces is another way of describing the “Virgin Mary,” “Virgin Mother,” “the Madonna,” “Our Lady,” the “Blessed Mother,” and more. When a devotion is added to her name such as, “of the Graces” or “del Voto/of the Vow” it is a reflection of a local veneration for the mother of Jesus, recognizing a moment of her life that plays an important role to her followers.

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  1. It’s interesting that I just read this post now. I think our Tribe is full of Ladies of Graces. <3

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