Kalsa’s Magione


“La Magione” basilica in the originally-Arab Kalsa district of Palermo is another example of Norman-Arab architecture. Built around 1190, it is one of the oldest churches in Palermo. It’s proper name is the Basilica of the Holy Trinity of the Chancellor. It came to be commonly known as La Magione because “magione” translates to “mansion.” Mansion, because within its grounds, which also includes a 12th century cloister, is a dormitory that during the crusades housed the Teutonic order of knights.

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  1. cmariewalsh@gmil.com says:

    The Arabic influence is clearly seen in the architecture in this beautiful photo. Sicily is such an extraordinary place for the integration of so many cultures,m and so rich in history. Would have loved to be there when the knights convened!

  2. I love your history lessons. I’m becoming well-acquainted with Sicily! And of course, your photos always strike my imagination. Thank you, Allison!

    1. I’m so glad they spark your imagination! Thank you Dana!

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