That’s Dedication


Among all of the summer-fun of today’s Ferragosto celebration, let’s not forget that today is The Assumption, the feast day that celebrates the occasion when the Virgin Mother ascended into Heaven. This Byzantine-style mosaic, which dates between 1146-1151, is from Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio or “The Martorana” church in Palermo. It shows Admiral George of Antioch (The man who commissioned the church to be built.) prostrate before the Virgin Mother. His position at her feet illustrates his heartfelt devotion and gratitude to the Great Mother, to whom the “Saint Mary’s of the Admiral” church is dedicated.

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  2. Exquisite, intricate mosaic.

    1. Yes, these mosaics are intense and beautiful. Breathtaking for anyone to see in the 12th and 13th centuries too.

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