Santa Rosalia before 1624


Before 1624, Santa Rosalia (1130-1166) was a little-known, medieval-era saint. Her story is often compared to Saint Francis of Assisi (1182-1226) because she too was the daughter of a Norman nobleman, who rejected a life of privilege and instead sought a life devoted to prayer and solitude. During her lifetime, Palermo and Sicily experienced an intense spiritual transition from the Byzantine and Arab dominations to the Norman Christian rule: There was turbulence politically and culturally. Although little is known about her canonization, it is believed she was sainted because her exemplary lifestyle brought a sense of inspiration and stability to Catholic worshipers.

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  1. What a beautiful painting (is it a painting or a fresco?). And thank you for the little known history of Santa Rosalia. Interesting that St. Francis followed her historically. I love to hear about women saints and other exemplary women. Great, Allison!

  2. Dana, yes, it’s wonderful to hear about strong women, for sure! This is actually a photo of a needlepoint! It’s quite a work of art.

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