Villa Rammacca’s Red Carpet


When I walked up these stairs, I felt like a princess; I just needed the glass slippers. Imagine in the 18th century when Villa Rammacca was built, pulling up in your horse-drawn coach to meet Bernardo Gravina Prince of Rammacca? Today, you can come pretty close if attend a wedding party here, as I did when my cousin had her reception on the villa’s terrace and grounds.

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  1. What a perfect picture for my romantic mind! Italy and Sicily have moved to the top of my travel wish list. And Villa Rammacca is on the Sicily list of places to visit. Too bad the prince isn’t there now!

    1. Dana, Thank you for your support and love. I feel it, and it means so much. I’m so pleased that these posts inspire you!

      1. And I feel your love and support, too, Allison. Whenever I think I need to post on my blog, you always come to mind and I feel encouraged to get my stuff out there. Something I’ve been working on in my mind for the past week – need to get that written out and posted. And I will – just for you!

  2. Dana, Yes! We want to hear from you!

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