Mixing It Up in Sicily: Battle of the Bands in Caccamo


In June 2013, I heard this rock band in a battle of the bands contest in Caccamo, a medieval mountain town famous for its castle. They played “Jump” by Van Halen. The drummer Manuel is the teenage son of my cousin’s husband. He rocked the house. There’s always something new mixing it up in Sicily.

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  1. I love this! Yes! In a medieval mountain town, no less. Italians are so current and hip. The editor I work for is Italian-American and she goes to Italy at least once a year on business. I love to hear her family and Italy stories. And yours!

  2. Thanks Dana! Yes, the contrast of these young people playing 1980s American rock against the backdrop of a medieval castle is fascinating to me. We are curious beings, ever evolving!

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