Abballati! Abballati! A Traditional Tarantella


“Abballati, abballati, Fimmini schetti e maritati, E si n’abballati bonu, Non vi cantu e non vi sonu…”

“Abballati Abballati!” is a traditional Sicilian tarantella. “Abballati” is an invitation to dance… “Single and married women (next verse: single and married men), and if you don’t dance well, I’m not going to sing or play for you!”

If you’re in New York City today, my band Villa Palagonia will be performing this song at Bar Eolo’s Spring Feast for the Senses right before the roasted pig is served. More at

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  1. How fun! This tiny ceramic is so precious. It appears to be a tourist trinket, but its details are so colorful and the faces so sweet. I didn’t know you had a band, Allison! I looked up the menu at Bar Eolo and I’m going to recommend it to a friend who lives near Central Park and who loves good food. The menu made me so hungry! Delicious items. I hope you’ve had a festive day and that you danced! I learned about the tarantelle when I was very young and it was the name of one of my piano pieces. Luckily I had a teacher who knew what it was. Happy Sunday! -Dana

    1. Dana, Yes, the food at Bar Eolo is very special! Creative Sicilian. And we had a terrific day playing music and dancing there. This is a trinket for sure, but I have it in my refrigerator because it reminds me to keep dancing and singing. Have a wonderful week! Keep following the breadcrumbs :-)!

  2. I passed along the info on Bar Eolo to my friend and he’s in the Hamptons now (la-ti-da!) and will try it when he returns. Then he sent me a picture of a pig being roasted – he’d seen one yesterday!

    The breadcrumbs … ah, yes! And keep on dancing! I love to dance, too.

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