Infiorata: Flower Petal Carpets in Noto and Castelbuono


Here is a long-view of Castelbuono’s Infiorata that takes place annually in June. These “carpets” are mosaics made of flower petals and other natural materials. If you are lucky enough to be in Sicily in May, like for example, this weekend, then I urge you to go to Noto where they celebrate their world-renowned “Infiorata di Noto” along via Nicolaci. This year’s theme is an homage to Russia. The theme of the flower-petal murals in this photo, taken in June 2012 in Castelbuono, was music and art.

So imagine the planning that goes into creating these images made of flowers and sand, rice, salt, and dirt! Now, the real kicker is what happens on Monday, after Noto’s spring celebration: the children of the town are invited to stomp all over the murals and flowers and gleefully make a mess, a ritual that represents youth retooling the old and creating something new.

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