Sicily’s Cake: Cassata

There is much debate about the origins of cassata cake, but one thing is clear: it is as elaborate as the Baroque architecture one finds throughout Sicily–and it is as decadent. So much so, that until the mid-20th century, cassata was only eaten by the masses on Easter Sunday. Cassata is made up of sponge…

Homage To Mother and Son

Happy Easter! Today marks the start of the “Archi di Pasqua,” or the Arches of Easter in San Biagio Platini in Agrigento Province. From now until May 6, the mountain town’s Corso Umberto (i.e., Main Street) will be decorated with elaborate archways, domes, and bell towers constructed using river reeds, willow, asparagus, bay leaf, rosemary,…

My Favara Lamb 

I present to you the Favara-style Easter lamb I made under the direction of Annalisa Pompeo of GoSicily. Sicilian Cooking Experience during our Stirring Sicily hands-on cooking experience last September. The lamb is one of the most prominent symbols of Easter. In Christianity, it symbolizes purity and sacrifice – two qualities associated with Jesus Christ….

Happy Easter!

Because the statue-scenes from Trapani’s Procession of the Mysteries (that represent the Stations of the Cross) are so emotive and powerful, I thought I’d include today a close-up of one that captures the sentiment of this season. Happy Easter!