Endless Vineyards In Trapani Province, Sicily

Live from Sicily! I just keep falling further in love with Sicily… Trapani Province woos me with its endless vineyards, olive groves, and wheat fields. Sweeping mountain views and turquoise sea, busiate pasta and textured couscous, overstuffed cannoli, magnificent beauty, and excellent hospitality. What a heartwarming way to close this trip! Alla prossima!

Springtime In Sicily

Live from Sicily! During my drive yesterday, I stopped to take this photo of the countryside outside of Licodia Eubea, where I am hosting July’s small-group tour Life In A Remote Sicilian Town. Look at how beautiful spring is in Ragusa province! The flowers are blooming everywhere. The grasses are so green! The air is…

Where The Pistachio Grows

This weekend is the Pistachio Festival in Bronte, a town world renowned for its pistachio cultivation. The mineral-rich lava stone-soil on Mount Etna’s Western slopes, photographed from a pistachio farm I visited with a private, custom tour I led in May, offers fertile environs for the trees to grow.