Hands-on Cooking In Sicily

In September, Chef Giuseppe Sciurca taught us how to make Sarde alla Beccafico (stuffed, fresh sardines) during one of our three cooking experiences of our Experience Sicily Stirring Sicily tour. Next September for Stirring Sicily 2019, we’ll be back in his hometown of Termini Imerese for more cooking in Sicily. Itinerary details at https://experiencesicily.com/tours-of-sicily/2019-tours-of-sicily/stirring-sicily-west-sept-2019/

Stirring Sicily, Day 4: Sweet Sensations from Favara

Today during our hands-on cooking class with GoSicily and Zest of Lititz, PA we are in the process of making the very characteristic Favara marzipan lambs, traditionally made for Easter in Sicily. Marzipan is almond paste (almonds and sugar). These are spectacular because in their center, they have sweet pistacchio paste as well. Che buonissimo!…