Catania’s Persephone Fountain

This fountain, Fontana Ratto di Proserpina (The Rape of Persephone Fountain), exists in Catania at the Piazza Giovanni XXIII. It was sculpted in 1904 for Sicily’s second largest city by Giulio Moschetti (1847-1909). Moschetti is the same sculptor who created the Fountain of Diana in 1906 for Ortigia’s Piazza Archimede. With a nod to the…

Autumn in Palermo

This statue that is at the center of Palermo’s intersection of Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Via Maqueda — know as Quattro Canti, or Four Corners — represents autumn or autunno. Quattro Canti is octagonal in shape, and it is flanked by four 18th century Baroque facades, each with a fountain and a series of statues….