Cart Driver’s Pasta

Sicilian Cart and Cart Drivers Pasta

Learn About Sicilian Carts
and Let’s Make the Cart Driver’s Pasta

When: Monday, August 17 at 5:30PM to 6:45PM

Where: Zoom

Cost: Complimentary

With the abundance of fresh tomatoes, basil, parsley, and garlic available during the summer season–and the desire for easy, hot-weather meals–Sicily’s traditional Cart Driver’s Pasta recipes offer simple elegance, despite their workmen’s roots. During our session, we’ll make two versions: a tomato-based one from eastern Sicily and a fresh parsley pesto one from my grandmother’s hometown, Bagheria, Sicily. 

While we’re cooking, I’ll discuss the celebrated tradition of Sicilian carts. 

Please plan to cook with me because then I can answer any questions you may have and by the time we finish, you’ll have made your dinner! These are easy recipes that are great for the summer. Upon reservation, you’ll be able to access a list of the ingredients and materials you’ll need to participate.

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