Ten Years Of Experience Sicily

Post 3000 of Experience Sicily! Today, I celebrate 10 years of posting about Sicily on Instagram, Facebook, and WordPress! Yes, I started this adventure ten years ago. For me, it starts here: Bagheria and Porticello, my ancestral towns – – now, my second home (But I now often wonder of it is actually my first home!?).

Bar Aurora, pictured, was my great uncle Mimiddu Cuffaro’s renowned bar, pasticceria, gelateria, and meeting place in Bagheria. It was recently featured in an article in Balarm, an arts and cuture news source from Palermo (https://www.balarm.it/news/qui-facevano-il-caffe-piu-buono-al-mondo-gli-anni-d-oro-del-bar-aurora-a-bagheria-136281). So, when people ask me from where my love of Sicily and cannoli comes, I explain that it’s in my DNA.

Sharing Sicily through these posts and through Experience Sicily tours and itineraries (and Stateside events such as the Cannoli Crawl) is a calling to which I must adhere. It’s been a labor of love to arrive at today.

Thank you for your attention and love throughout this journey! Cheers to ten more years of sharing Sicily!

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