Feel Something Special This July During Secret Sicily

You’re busy: Your job, your family and friends, your household administration… There’s so much to do! But you need a vacation. You want to do something fun, engaging, and out of the ordinary. You want to get away. You want to do something that makes you feel… Feel joy! Something that inspires your soul and renews your spirit. It’s not too late to smile and laugh like Melissa here with the Capra Girgentana goat this summer. We can take you – – not only to Sicily, but also to yourself. We are called *Experience* Sicily for a reason. You’re going to get your shoes dirty and your hands in the dough. Gelato will be dripping down your arm from the sweet brioche in your hand. Yes, you can lick your fingers! You will meet locals who will make you smile when they practice their English with you, and you’ll dance on a boat at sunset over the Ionian Sea.

Now. Is. The. Time.

Join us!

We have one spot left for our Secret Sicily: Life in a Remote Sicilian Town tour, July 15 to 24. We take care of all the details. We’ll help you make it happen. You just have to pack. The door is closing this Sunday night. So, reserve now.

Learn more at link in bio https://experiencesicily.com/secret-sicily-2023

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