This Is Where To Ask Her: The Cloisters Of Montreale

I received a message from someone today who wants to propose to his girlfriend in Palermo or Cefalù. I thought about where I would suggest, and after deciding that the top of La Rocca in Cefalù would be too much of a hike and Palermo center may be a bit too chaotic, my thoughts went straight here, to one of my favorite spots in all of Sicily, the Cloister of Montreale Cathedral. And specifically to this fountain.

This spot is one of the most serene and sacred places outside of any forest. It is a sort of a tree with a stream unto itself. And locals will tell you if you put your hand in the waters of the fountain and make a wish for love, it will come true. So, yes, this spot. When you visit Monreale, you must also visit the cloister. It’s otherworldly. And I implore you to stop and take a moment at this fountain. Wait for the other tourists to wander away so you have a moment here by yourself. Then take a deep breath and savor the sights and sounds of the place and time. And if you want, make a beautiful proposal to your loved one. If even for the second time.

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