Stunning Sicily October 2021, Day 3

Ciao from Stunning Sicily, Day 3! We had the clearest weather I’ve seen in a long time on Mount Etna for our volcano excursion. It was truly exceptional! My groups often ask why they have to wake up so early for their Etna excursion. Well, today proved why–the night air clears out the smog from the always-fuming volcano, so in the early part of the day, you have the best chances to see clear views of the summit. As the day goes on, the sky becomes cloudy from the smoke, and the visibility wanes. So, a sunset tour may sound like a good idea, but I don’t recommend it! This morning was clear blue skies. By 1:30 PM, the grey had taken over, and the visibility was zero.

Meanwhile, our guides from Etna Moving were outstanding as usual. We most certainly connected to the power of Mother Nature today, gaining a deep understanding of how influential one’s environment is to one’s lifestyle and culture–and how much Mamma Etna’s presence influences life in Eastern Sicily.

Thank you Fabrizio and Marco!

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