Advice For Flying To Sicily

In the new world we live in, my advice for when reserving your flights to Sicily follows. “New World,” because currently, post pandemic, there are not as many flight choices and with the shutting down of Alitalia as we know it on October 15, connecting to Sicily is not as easy as it was two years ago. If you are traveling to Sicily, I recommend flying with Swiss Air (Pictured is Zurich airport, where I flew through to get to Sicily this week.) and/or Lufthansa and/or United. Delta, Alitalia’s past partner, is still flying to Rome, but after October 15, getting from Rome to Sicily until further notice, is not seamless. Meanwhile flying Swiss Air through Zurich to Palermo or Catania or Lufthansa through Munich or Frankfurt to Sicily is so.

Later this fall, we’ll know more about flying through Rome, but at the moment, if you don’t want to have to collect your luggage and transport it from one flight to the next (and have to go through security again and check-in again in Rome), I recommend Swiss Air or Lufthansa. Let them do it!

Now, on to the fun stuff–stay tuned to these posts to learn about my October 2021 adventures in Sicily and our Stunning Sicily small-group tour that, starts this weekend! 

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