Sicilians You’ll Want to Know | #2. Fabrizio

Fabrizio Tastaì has bright blue eyes and a free spirit that will inspire you to literally climb mountains. Having grown up on the slopes of Mount Etna, he’s made it his business to show you the power and beauty of his home, this magnificent volcano. Today he hosted our clients Kira and Ian (Pictured, Fabrizio is on the left.) for a fantastic day during which they explored Etna on foot and up close. Kira was gleeful, joking that Fabrizio even scheduled an explosion safely within their sight during their hiking excursion that took them pretty high up, to about 9200 feet above sea level.

When I bring our small group Sicily tours to Etna, Fabrizio and his Etna Moving team give us an off-the-beaten-path perspective that is complete with a picnic of fresh sandwiches with bread baked at the town forno, tangy caponata made by his mother, and homemade wines brewed by his friend. Often clients cite the experience as their most memorable day of the tour because it’s so different from the others. Fabrizio’s contagious enthusiasm and vast knowledge make it so. Can you see the joy in their faces? I certainly can!

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