52 Reasons to Love Sicily | #35. Amazing Architecture

When driving east along the SS 113 from Palermo city center, you’ll come across this intriguing building that could be modern, could be Arab-Norman, and could be ancient.

What exactly is it?

Built in 1905, Stand Florio was constructed for the industrious Florio family as a daytime seaside resort for their friends and associates – – members of Palermo’s nouveau riche elite. On its grounds they played soccer/football and water sports and socialized.

The complex was designed by Palermo architect Ernesto Basile, who at the turn of the 20th century led a Neo-Arab-Norman architectural movement that celebrated Sicily’s unique stylistic elements. Stand Florio is a fascinating example of the Liberty Style architectural style (i.e., a “freer” style) of Palermo’s pre-Fascist period. It was refurbished in 2017/2018, and today, it is an event space.


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