52 Reasons to Love Sicily | #31. Extraordinary Natural Beauty

In Sicily there are infinite stunning sea views and heavenly mountain panoramas and expansive volcanic valleys and magnificent deep gorges and crystal clear natural springs … you get the idea! Not to mention with the seasonal changes of this sub-tropical climate, a place could be splendid in spring for one reason and remarkable during summer for another reason. Because I have to choose just one view for the sake of this post, a site that stands out as truly extraordinary is Scala dei Turchi, or Stairs of the Turks, pictured, and all of the naturally white cliffs along the coast of Agrigento Province from Punta Bianca to Capo Bianco.

Scala dei Turchi will take your breath away, especially early in the morning or during the off-season when she is all yours. When you see the hard-mud material, called marlstone or marl, pouring into the turquoise Mediterranean waters, the contrast of snow-like earth to gem-like sea is phenomenal.

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