52 Reasons to Love Sicily | #23. Beaches and Swimming

There are many different approaches to accessing the water in Sicily: beaches (both sandy and rocky), off of sea walls (such as in Ortigia/Siracusa), off of natural rock formations (like near where my cousins live in Bagheria, on Sicily’s north coast), in nature preserves (such as Lo Zingaro in Trapani Province or at Cava Grande in Siracusa Province), in sulphuric springs (like those on Vulcano in the Aeolian Islands), right off your boat during an excursion just about anywhere.

I encourage you to think beyond “beach” when thinking of swimming in Sicily… Because the island offers countless options. However, when thinking sandy beach, there are many to consider. For example, this one pictured at Sampieri on Sicily’s south coast on the Mediterranean Sea. Depending on how you like “to beach,” there are different options. Some beaches offer more services such as boardwalks, beach-side bars and restaurants that rent lounge chairs and umbrellas, shops, and gelaterie (to meet your craving for granita and gelato). For this, I recommend Punta Secca (featured in the Montalbano TV series), Marina di Ragusa, Pozzallo, or Cefalù, to name a few. In northwestern Sicily, the beaches of Alcamo Marina or Castellammare del Golfo are wonderful. For something more wild, I head to the golden sand at the Castello di Falconara in Butera or Vendicari Nature Preserve in Siracusa Province.

There are more than 150 beaches to explore in Sicily… This just scratches the surface. I haven’t even mentioned the islands of Favignana, Lampedusa, Ustica, and Linosa, for example, which offer even more enchantment and wild beauty.

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