World War II In Sicily: Thank You Veterans

Thank you, Veterans!

In July and August 1943, during World War II, Sicily was a significant theater in the fight against fascism. German and Italian Axis forces occupied the island, and the Allied forces of the United States, Canada, and Britain aligned for Operation “Husky,” and amphibious and land assault to take Italy and eventually Europe from the Nazis. This image is a recreation of a renowned photo of a member of the American armed forces as he prepared to embark from the north coast of Africa to land on Sicily’s southern coast. Note the pamphlet “Soldier’s Guide to Sicily.”

Operation “Husky” was successful, although brutal. Thousands of Sicilian civilians, and American, Canadian, British, and Italian and German soldiers lost their lives during 38 days of devastating fighting. There are books on this campaign and in Catania, an outstanding museum that documents the invasion’s events, the Museo Storico dello Sbarco in Sicilia 1943.

The American mafia was even involved in the covert preparations for the assault.

It’s a fascinating chapter of WWII history. I highly recommend learning about it. Thousands of people fought to fight fascism—military and civilian. Today we remember those who put their lives in harm’s way then and now in the name of democracy. 

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