We Are Your Advocates In Sicily

I hand-pick all of the accommodations where our Experience Sicily clients stay. In many cases, I have slept at the inn, scoped out the breakfast offerings, and tested the service. Or I have inspected the facility. You can’t smell photos or know if the mattresses are lumpy from a website. Often, Evelina, my partner in Sicily, and I have developed personal relationships with the inn keepers or reservationists, so we can procure the best rooms on the property for you – – that spectacular one with the terrace and sea view, for example.

As we think about the future of travel, having a strong understanding of cleaning practices, dining services, and hotel characteristics (How many guest rooms exist? Are rooms accessed from a common hallway or from an open air courtyard? Do you have to take an elevator?) is essential for us to know so we can ensure your comfort and safety. An expert travel professional and tour operator like Experience Sicily is your advocate. We’re talking with our colleagues in Sicily continuously in order to provide you with the best service when it’s safe to travel again.

Let’s dream now, travel later.

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