How Long Should I Plan For My Sicily Trip?

Etna from the southeast…She’s beautifully capped with snow, wearing her winter hat.

A question I am often asked is, how long should a trip to Sicily be? First of all, the season you’ll travel determines what activities you’ll want to do in the region and how much time you’ll want to spend. For example, did you know you can ski on Etna? You can in January and February! But if you prefer to have some sunny seaside time, that’s something to consider when thinking about how long your Sicily vacation should be. That is, to plan some relaxation time.

There are many factors, obviously; however, the short answer is, ideally, 13-14 days to savor Sicily and truly enjoy it. 10 days is recommended for those of you who want to travel at a faster pace. If you have a week, then pick one side (West or East) and plan at least an overnight in Agrigento to see Valley of the Temples and its environs. Less than a week: pick a side and base yourself there. Maximize seeing that area and focus on experiences. Then plan another trip for the future to see the other side. Once you get bitten by Sicily, you’ll want to go back!

I’m currently doing a lot of custom itinerary planning. If you want to be on my “dance card” for planning your independent 2020 trip to Sicily, let’s talk! I have a limited number of spots.