The Alleys Of Ortigia

The alleyways of Ortigia Island in Siracusa are purposefully designed as a type of labyrinth, and there is a good reason for it. Strategically speaking, if you are planning to defend your village from invaders (The island of Ortigia was invaded many times, most egregiously by the Arabs in 877-878.), curved streets not in a grid format are the way to do it. Imagine an era when a bow and arrow was the main weapon of offence. If the street is narrow, and not exactly straight, when fleeing, you have an advantage over an invader who is unfamiliar with the territory and doesn’t have a straight shot at you. You can, run and hide while your comrades shoot at him from above (and then there is the hot oil too!) In modern times, thankfully, we don’t think about this sort of stuff!

These are the kinds of fascinating facts we’ll discover during October’s Stunning Sicily tour. Join me from October 3 to 15, 2020 for a historic and culturally immersive journey through Sicily.

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