Yoga In Sicily At Vendicari Nature Preserve

Vendicari Nature Reserve in southeastern Sicily is considered a faunistic oasis because it is a bird sanctuary. That’s true, but for me, it is not only that. During a walk through part of it last week, it offered the perfect scene for a moving meditation. A spiritual oasis! The quiet, the salty air, and the early autumn sunlight in concert with the rugged coastal environment sparked high mindful awareness. The ruins of its ancient tonnara provoked intellectual questions about ancient Greek fish processing practices, the 16th to 19th century feudal system, and early 20th century entrepreneurship. (And my own family’s history of working for a princess in her tonnara.) Being at Vendicari stimulated so many of my senses. In sum, I’m thrilled to be returning there in June 2020 with Clio Mallin for our Yoga in Sicily tour.

Join us, and you’ll engage in a walking meditation practice and enjoy an afternoon frolicking in the clear, turquoise sea at this breathtaking spot. Read the full itinerary and registration details at

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