Enna, The Belly Button Of Sicily

Live from Sicily! I spent a fascinating day in Enna, known as the belly-button of Sicily because of its location in the middle of the island. It’s easy to fall for this medieval city on top of a very tall mountain because even with some of the fascist architecture you’ll see in town, it still maintains its Norman feel. Narrow streets, terracotta roofs, and the bells of multiple churches ringing all at once on the hour and half-hour.

Not only was I seeking out possible accommodations, but also along with one of my clients who has a deep interest in the divine femmine like me, we met a fantastic guide who fed our desire to know everything about Demeter and Kore/Persephone, whose influence in Enna is still present today. The views are stupendous. The Castello di Lombardia, extraordinary. And the Lago Pergusa is the site where the legend of Persephone being taken by Hades to the underworld takes place. That was a must-see site for us! I totally geeked out!

Enna is a gem.

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