Sicily Vacation 

Like an accountant during tax season, I have been a travel professional before the summer travel season: very busy! Today, though, among all of the planning and details that Evelina, Madeleine, Giulia and I are working on for our clients traveling in the next month, I took some time to schedule my own vacation in Sicily. I am so excited! We’ll be staying in new places and doing some things that I haven’t yet done–of course, always with an eye out for what our clients will love. 

Now, it’s not too late for you to think about going later this summer or joining me this year–we’ve retooled our upcoming tours for September. Short story: Enchanting Sicily will be 8 days from September 23 (Departure from US on September 22) to September 30, starting in Palermo and ending in Catania. We have 2 spots left on this multi-sensory trip–the details aren’t even up on our website (I’ve been so swamped!); however, if you email me at, I’ll send you the itinerary for this exclusive, small-group tour. 

In the meantime, just know that this view, of the marina at Castellammare del Golfo, is yours to behold while on Enchanting Sicily! 

Let’s talk! 

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