What’s Your Favorite Style? 

Fans of architecture will love La Martorana church in Palermo. It’s initial construction started in the 1140s, exploiting the Arab-Norman style fostered by Roger II and in this case, his trusted admiral, George of Antioch. Then, over the centuries, it took on Baroque elements and other styles. It has Greek and Albanian influences because of its affiliation with those churches. It has north African elements because of the artisans who worked on it. And the Baroque from the nuns under whose possession it was for centuries. 

Find your favorite style in this photo!

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  1. This is fabulous! I absolutely cannot pick! It’s all so beautiful, incredible, exquisite. I love the mix of colors – that blue inside the small dome is to die for – with pastels and brights. This seems like a perfect example of what art collaboration looks like. Better than any of the styles separately. <3

    1. Yes, that blue in the small dome is beautiful (with the stars). That is created with mosaics made from semiprecious blue stones. Amazing, right?! And then the frescos that make the other images… then the Corinthian column with gold… with the Arabic writing… serious collaboration is right Dana!

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