She’s A Tuff Mountain

Monte Catalfano hosted an important quarry, pictured, of a soft rock composed of volcanic materials such as ash, lava, and magma. This rock is known as Aspra tuff, or “tufa,” in Italian. Down the road from where this photo was taken, the villas of Bagheria such as Palagonia, Cattolica, Butera, Valguarnera, and Spedalotto were constructed from tufa mined from this centuries-old quarry. 

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  1. Wow, the materials that tufa or tuff are made of don’t sound substantial – ash, lava, magma – but more like stardust, sunshine, and hopeful wishes! But I’ll believe you when you write that these villas in towns in Bagheria were built of this stardust material. They must be lovely and unique. <3

    1. What a beautiful way of thinking of them! Yes, they are like stardust, unique and positive and sad and fascinating all at once.

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