Meet Roberto 

Meet Roberto! Roberto took me on a sea jaunt on his boat around the Mazzaro Bay and Isola Bella at Taormina. You can see a video of our tour on the Experience Sicily Facebook page (I broadcast it live back at the beginning of March.). The best part of this phenomenal moment was talking with Roberto about his life, which he happily spends guiding people on his boat along the Taormina coast. Needless to say, I want to go back and ride on the bay and feel the wind in my hair with Roberto as soon as possible! You too can meet Roberto and dance in the wind–and swim in the sea. My partner Evelina an I can design for you an experience in Sicily that brings you the kind of joy I felt when we captured this moment with Roberto or with another local who we know will take care of you. Contact me to get started planning your summer itinerary in Sicily at

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  1. Great picture! What fun <3

  2. Wow, I’d like to try one day! Great photo!

    1. This is the ultimate

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