Santa Rosalia and Her Miracles 

Santa Rosalia, pictured here in front of Palermo’s cathedral, is doing her magic, and Palermo is having a Renaissance. On Tues., April 25 at 6:30PM at the Italian American Museum in NYC, I look forward to telling you what that means. 

Please join us! Along with Eszter Vajda of You, Me & Sicily, I will be co-hosting a talk and presentation during which we will be sharing some news from Sicily, presenting an episode of Estzer and Alfred Zappala’s video series, and along with my husband and music partner Joe Ravo, as Villa Palagonia, we’ll perform a short set of Sicilian folk songs. After a Q&A session, we’ll all head to Capri restaurant for a communal dinner. The prix-fixe meal starts at 8PM. The cost is $45 (Antipasti, choice between 5 dishes, salad, wine, coffee. Price includes tax & gratuity. Cash only please.). Doors at the Italian American Museum, located at 155 Mulberry Street in Little Italy, open at 6PM, and a $10 donation is requested. 

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