We’ll Have You Erupting with Joy

When Etna started erupting last month, I received an email from my friend Charlie asking if I take my tours to the volcano. The answer is a resounding, yes! (NB that’s me, pictured on Etna.) I believe that seeing and feeling and drinking the power of Etna (and Mother Nature) is just as important as visiting ancient temples to Athena and Venus and churches that the Templars visited on their way to the Crusades. I want you to experience Sicily through and through… Culture, cuisine, arts, history, nature… You name it! Let’s talk! 

Come with me this summer or fall on one of our multi-sensory, small-group tours or, if you like traveling independently, we can help you plan a custom itinerary that will delight you and make you erupt with joy (yup, I just said that!). 

Find me here or on our website at http://experiencesicily.com. Let’s get planning!

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