Ceramics in Erice

Ceramics display in Erice at L’Artgianato di Dorotea  

4 thoughts on “Ceramics in Erice

  1. The workmanship on these ceramics looks to me like the work of the masters, I see Tre Erre and Miglore. When we traved to Sicily in the early 1990’s we purchased this quality of ceramics. Over the decades the pressure of tourism and price point produced a product that never had the soul of this work, not by a long shot……..

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    • Mary, it really depends on the artist and location where you purchase the ceramics. There are young, new artists doing fantastic work. I’ll have to look at Tre Erre and Miglore. I’m not familiar with them.


      • do you know how to contact owner of l’artigianato di dorotea to ship to united states? i love the ceramic they were selling when i was there. no response from their email or phone


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