A Home for Umberto 

Charming homes like this one in Castellammare del Golfo prompt me to photograph them. Now, speaking of homes, here’s a proposition for you … EF, an organization that administers high school exchange years, is seeking a home for Umberto, a 17 year-old from Siracusa, Sicily. He arrives next week, and is seeking a host family where he can attend high school, improve his English, and “share happiness” and his cooking skills for the year. He describes himself as easily adaptable and intersted in new experiences. EF’s International Exchange Coordinator Patricia Galfano is hoping to place Umberto right away. You can reach her at pgalfano3@optonline.net or 1-914-715-4202 to learn more. 

3 thoughts on “A Home for Umberto 

  1. I immediately a family with another teenager – boy or girl – who could enjoy someone new (as in, hopefully get along well!!!) and even be learning Sicilian/Italian while they’re teaching American English. American English is the most desirable version of the English in the world – and oh, to learn all the latest words, abbreviations, colloquialisms – that’s the best! I really think he’ll find the right family.

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